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The Boho Vibe

It was about time to induct this long overdue blog dedicated to the love of henna - and everything bohemian for that matter. Henna does go hand in hand with boho art after all! I've appreciated art in all its forms, but henna is what I've essentially fallen head over heels for. Other than this blog being an ode to henna, it will brush up on art tutorials, provide my henna-related travel adventures, create a platform of inspiration for all boho things and much more! Yep, I just might have been a gypsy in another lifetime :) 

Following my trip to Dahab - a highly underrated destination in Egypt, I've come to the conclusion that beach, sand and henna are all I need in life. I dream of owning a store by the beach (whichever country it maybe) as long as I hear those waves crashing day in and day out. Keeping it short, here are some photos of a lazy afternoon, basking under the sun with left over henna, good company, giggles and a regular phone camera. 

In my homeland - Egypt, fooling around with a friend I've just applied henna on

What was designed with left over henna - I never let my henna go to waste!


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