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Basics to Henna Photography (with Gypsy Jay Henna)

Photography is not a common skill amongst people. I bet you scroll mindlessly through your Instagram feed hoping and wishing you can take just as beautiful photos as the ones shared out there.

But you can't shake the feeling of having to spend an exorbitant amount of money on a fancy camera that you know you probably won't know how to use.

I know what that feels like. As a matter of fact, when I first started being active on The Henna Project Instagram account, I felt totally defeated and kept researching like crazy how you can take Instagram Photos of Henna Designs without it costing an arm and a leg.

But through trial and error, researching and tweaking my skills over and over, I can confidently tell you, it's actually much easier than you think and can all be done with a little bit of creativity.

Jody from Gypsy Jay Henna is a perfect example of this. Take a look at her Instagram Page. Every single photo is carefully implemented, styled and selected.

And here are some of her personal recommendations for every henna artist who's struggling to take a good photo...

1) HAVE GOOD LIGHTING (via lots of natural sunlight)

The one thing that all great photographs have in common is impeccable lighting. Lighting will undeniably make or break your photography. If you're in a place that lacks good lighting, situate yourself next to a window or better yet go outside. However, don't be fooled by a sunny day. Overly bright days might actually hinder your photos through overpowered shadows. The best times to shoot a photo is either during sunrise or sunset, if you plan on making a professional shoot out of it.


2) MAINTAIN GOOD FRAMING (through the rule of thirds)

Photo composition will really make an impact in your photography. Professional photographers use a little trick called "The Rule of Thirds" to help with framing a photo. This basically looks like intersecting horizontal and vertical lines in a 3 part composition. You can enable these photo grids on your camera phone so that it's easier for you to envision your desired framing.


Jody admits using the same boho-inspired white dress in a majority, if not all, of her shoots. If you head to a client's venue, you can make use of objects they probably already have lying around the house. Props breathe life into a photo and makes it so much more interesting, because it allows the person to read a story out of it.


It takes at least 100 photos so you can capture that "insta worthy" one. For you to really capture an insanely breathtaking photo, brace yourself, because you'll have too take an insane amount of photos to get that "ONE". It's important to take your time with this and be patient, because you're going to have to take several photos from many different angles too.

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