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How to Instantly Close a Sale (with these 6 techniques)

The best sales techniques is to sell without selling. I don't mean playing hard to get, but through authenticity and a genuine approach, you are utilizing the crown jewel of sales closing techniques.

Let's face it...

We all hate being sold to, so as a business owner or creative maker, why would you think that approach would work on anyone else?

The minute you get a sales phone call, you're quick to hang up, right? You actually believe it's borderline offensive sometimes.

There's a true art of selling and believe it or not, it's absolutely possible to close a sale without sounding like a salesman or being pushy.


Here are some sales tips for success...



This basically refers to providing stellar value to your audience before even considering pitching.

When you're empathetic and offer completely free value, you're growing room in earning the right to an ask.

That's why I keep offering FREE guides, FREE content and FREE services because when you build a space for providing, you're warming your audience in hearing you out.

Free Email Guide

This does not mean being deceptive or only offer value for the sole purpose of getting money out of your someone's pocket, but genuinely be there for them!

Be authentic in your offer to help.


This goes hand in hand with the previous point. By constantly providing your audience extreme value, you're massively earning their trust.

This becomes a positive force of your reputation, leading them to think "if they're giving away this much content or quality for free, imagine what their paid services/products are like".

You've INSTANTLY grabbed them.

There's a high percentage of the relationship between trust and purchasing power.

Think about it this way...

Would you ever be in a relationship with someone who's not giving? or better yet, would you be comfortable in a relationship with them if you didn't trust them?

You need to think about your customers the same way you would about a friendship. You need to set in place a powerful relationship with them first.

SERVE THEM, BEFORE SELLING because that dramatically boosts up their trust in you.

So when you establish a high level of trust, this instantly converts into your sales.


So we've established that the best way to close a sale is by creating a genuine relationship with your audience. Right?

Keeping your customers happy and making sure that they're being heard is key in driving your sales. This means that you should be talking TO them not AT them!

This is done is by making sure you hear them out, or having a channel that allows them to voice out their issues.

This will also significantly boost up how trusting you are as a business and entity.

This can be achieved by having a form for them to fill out or simply by you assuring them one way or another that you're 100% there for them.

Something that wix does that I admire is having "voting polls" for features that they're users want in their website building platform.

I make it a point to vote, because out of 5 times I voted, 3 of those features were implemented.

This is also why I always make it a point to ask people to email me back when I sent out an email campaign, similar to the bottom of this email:

Email Template

4) SELL WITH EMOTION (not logic)

The most effective sales tactics are when you sell to appeal to an emotion not logic. People are much more responsive to their emotional triggers than they are to the logical part of their brains.

In fact...

This ultimately means that purchasing power is in the core of emotional responses and becomes justifiable by the consumer.

In a study published by the Harvard Business Review, there are 10 significant emotional motivators that converts to sales. These are being inspired by a desire to:

  1. Having self confidence

  2. Feeling secure

  3. Being unique

  4. Having freedom

  5. Being successful in life

  6. Feeling a thrilling sense

  7. Enjoying their well being

  8. Being more certain about the future

  9. Feeling a sense of belonging

  10. Being protective of the environment.

See, I just revealed to you the BEST selling approaches that you should be including in your pitch. If you tackle any of the mentioned points, you're a step closer to closing that sale.

Here's an example:

Remember in the 'Wolf of Wall Street' where Leonardo Di Caprio asks his team to "sell me this pen?" which pitch will most likely drive you to purchase said pen...

Which one grabbed you more? I bet it's the second option... why?

Because it appealed to you emotionally.


A way to compliment people's trust in you is to provide proof of what you're serving or selling.

You can address that proof by: a case study, reviews, your following, etc.

For example, if you're in physical fitness, but you yourself are completely out of shape would people have reason to trust that you're the best fit for the role?

Or if you're a social media manager who ensures people you'll be able to grow their instagram in the double digits, but you only have 10 followers on yours?

You see where I'm going with this right?

You either need to be the proof of what you're offering or have a solid backing through raving reviews and testimonials.

Since I do not have an official working space and work out of my home studio, people were sometimes reluctant to acquire my henna services, given that all my private appointments are set there.

But because I have a 4.9/5 rate on Google Reviews, a 5/5 rating on Facebook, I hardly ever get hesitant clients anymore.

This is not meant to come off as conceited, but just to show you that the power of proof immediately closes the sale for you.

**A little bonus as well - because of my ratings on Google Reviews, I now land on the first page when you type in the keywords "Henna Downtown Toronto".


You need to have a very specific and very intentional single call to action (or 2 at most, which maybe pushing it).

If you present your audience with too many choices, you'll overwhelm them dissuading them from purchasing at all. But a singular call to action increases the rate of your conversions.

As stated by Forbes, one study by the Marketing Experimentations Blog narrowed down their many call to actions to literally just one, and their conversions increased by a staggering 357%!

When you're clear and concise, your audience tends to be all the more receptive which will channel towards your sales.

About a year ago, I started a sister website called that was an e-commerce offering a variety of products that included my henna designs on: coffee mugs, fashion attire, phone covers, tote bags, wedding invitations, canvases and that's just the tip of the iceberg.

I eventually had to discontinue the website since I was hardly making any sales.

This was because I was stretching myself way to thin on top of the fact that I'm including WAY TOO MANY choices for people to choose from.

And those are the best ways to close a sale (without having to sell at all). Let's revise them, shall we?

  1. Provide free value before pitching

  2. Earn your audience’s trust

  3. Hear them out

  4. Sell with emotion (not logic)

  5. Provide some form of proof

  6. Have a specific and intentional call to action


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