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What You Didn't Know About the Power of Practice

Didn't you just hate it when people kept saying "Practice Makes Perfect"? I was once like you! I just wanted to skip to that finish line without really having to exert the effort. But the effort is what makes the run count - don't ever under estimate that. And if I can't get you to change your mind about that by the end of this blog, well, time will prove it for you.

Practice is SUCH A POWERFUL TOOL! It will be the back bone of your business!

I mean look at it this way, would you let a surgeon operate on you if they hadn't practiced having a steady hand? Or would you expect Stephen Curry to score every single basket ball without putting in the training? YOU SEE! Practice is important. It will be the very foundation of why you get booked, why people seek you out and why others come ask you for advice. I still put in at least 30 minutes of practice every day, and you should too. It doesn't have to be long extensive periods of time, but if you're able to devote a small chunk of time each week to PERFECT YOUR SKILL, it will go a long way and your results will speak for themselves.

Here's my little practice diary just to give you a bit of insight...

This was my first ever attempt at bridal mehndi design back in 2013. This took me 30 minutes to draw. Not only are the lines completely out of whack but the spacing is off and it's obvious my henna paste was difficult to work with.

Here's another bridal design I did on myself in 2015. While the spacing is slightly better, there's still a major imbalance between the empty and filled sections. The lines are a bit cleaner but still needs to be polished. Also the photography is not as ominous and a tad brighter.

This was a replication I did in 2016 of a HennabyDivya design (a super popular bridal mehndi artist in Toronto). As you can see, the lines are getting much cleaner and my photography skills have also quiet improved.

One of my most recent works in 2018! Not only are my lines WAY more polished, but I'm also starting to develop my own sense of style and there's that thick and thin line contrast to help the design pop. My photography is getting much more on point too. This was completely shot and edited on an iphone. But I bet you, I'll still look at this photograph years from now seeing how much I've radically improved from the practice time I've put in.

You should always want to better yourself and put more and more time into your craft! You should also be practicing other elements to compliment your work i.e. photography

So whether you decide to put in 1 hour of practice time a week or 20, just make sure to infuse it in your schedule one way or another. The rewards of this are massive. My advise is that you should always be your own worst critic (but without being too hard on yourself). Because if you keep trying to perfect the shortcomings, there will be one day where those get reduced more and more.


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