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How My Trip to Morocco Made Me a Henna Artist

Seeing as it's not the most common go to for artists, I get asked a lot what got me into henna. The truth is I owe it all to my visit to Morocco (a trip I almost didn't make for financial reasons). I strongly advocate, travelling is the only thing you spend your money on that makes you richer and in this case it's been proven right. Travelling to Morocco has made me richer in ways unimaginable! Not only has it served as a wonderful reunion opportunity with my mom, aunt and her husband, but it's a drug for any artist or boho at heart. Being daily surrounded with cascading colors and vibrancy that has no end, you can't help but be inspired. Things that truly resonated with me were the henna-like art found on everything; skin, cups, bowls, you name it. While my aunt is a retired henna artist herself, I figured that's something I can do. After that much needed soul search, the rest was history. YouTube and internet have became my best friends as I adamantly researched and practiced the art of henna. It's undeniable that Marrakech was my gateway.

Photo credits to my Uncle: Tamer Ibrahim

Henna on drums

My mom & Aunt Immersing in Moroccan Music (can you spot my aunt's hand henna design?) 

My aunt attempting to show off her 'fading' henna design

Yes, it was THAT blue

Our escape away

Even the Lamps illuminated relaxing patterns 


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