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An Infographic About Henna (the Last Trivia Will Shock You!)

Henna is increasingly becoming a popular practice stepping into the mainstream. The truth is, henna has existed for many and many centuries.

Embedded in so many cultures and traditions, henna is celebrated around the world and the art of mehndi commonly features henna designs and patterns being drawn on the skin.

There's no one ethnicity or religion that monopolizes henna. Despite that there are no direct records of how henna came about, there are several iterations and documentations.

It's true that henna has been popularized most in South Asian weddings and traditions, but this little plant offers so much more than just that.

And if I sparked your fancy, here's a little infographic I put together showing what is henna, how henna is made and a lot of other fun pieces of trivia...

Henna Infographic

Henna Aftercare


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